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Catapult LearningCatapult Learning is pleased to announce its upcoming principal seminar featuring speaker Malachi Pancoast, President of The Breakthrough Coach. The two-hour seminar, to be held on Wednesday, March 30, at Lake Terrace Hall in Lakewood, NJ, will feature Mr. Pancoast’s presentation, “How to Work Less, Produce More, and Still Get the Job Done.”

The Breakthrough Coach has helped thousands of educational leaders worldwide get into classrooms regularly to guide and support teachers so that students receive quality instruction. At the same time, these leaders have been able to dramatically reduce their workloads by 15–20 hours every week.

During this session, seminar participants will learn to:

  • Rethink, reshape, and redefine their office space for maximum productivity
  • Leverage one efficient daily meeting for complete schedule reform
  • Restructure each week to comfortably include two full days in the classroom

This seminar is an opportunity for school leaders to transform their leadership, take back their lives, and make a significant different in their organization’s results.

About The Breakthrough Coach:
Malachi Pancoast
 has been helping organizations produce breakthrough improvements in performance, productivity, and employee satisfaction since 1986. Mr. Pancoast began applying his Breakthrough Coach Management Methodology™ to his work with instructional leaders in 1998, and founded The Breakthrough Coach in 2001. Mr. Pancoast has led seminars and workshops on transformational leadership for instructional leaders throughout the United States and internationally. He has been a featured presenter in both professional and academic settings, and his efforts have led to dramatic increases in student achievement, staff satisfaction, retention, and productivity of administrative teams in schools and districts where TBC’s Management Methodology™ has been fully implemented.