Students from many High Road Schools in Connecticut dove into providing relief for people in Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey. At the end of our collections, students donated $345 of their school store money to the two charities we decided upon.

With Pet Centers in many of our schools, you can always tell that our students are connected to and enjoy taking care of animals.  The SPCA(Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) of Texas was chosen to receive funds to assist in their efforts for displaced animals.  Students spent time looking through a list of requested items.  They were then given a budget to select items on Amazon to have directly sent to the SPCA.

The students selected:

  • 3 cat litter boxes
  • 30 pounds of dog food
  • 32 pounds of cat food
  • 12 dog toys
  • 7 towels
  • 2 containers of cat treats
  • 40 cat toys.

The other half of the donations went to a local diaper bank to help provide diapers for families in need, The Houston Diaper Bank.  This charity was chosen because students learned through current event studies that diapers are not provided by many relief agencies in times of need.  With all of the monies donated, we were able to provide over 900 diapers and almost 2,000 wipes.

As we continue on into the school year, our students will be participating in many more fundraiser for charity such as Operation Gratitude and PJ Day for child with cancer.  All of the student donations come directly from money students have earned by demonstrating positive and appropriate school behavior in their school store accounts at High Road School.  We look forward to seeing how many more events and how many additional dollars our students are able to raise!