Makhai is a second grader at Easton Elementary School. He was awarded the “Shining Star” for his grade this month. Makhai is a shining star due to his participation in Specials and his general education class. He enjoys helping his peers and always tries his best. Makhai is productive, has a good attitude, willing and keeps self to self like the “PAWS” pledge states at Easton Elementary School.

Antonio is a fifth grader at Easton Elementary School. He was chosen as the classroom “Leader in Training” due to his desire to help staff with their daily tasks. When on duty, Antonio restocks supplies, cleans the floors and wipes the computers at the end of the day. Antonio likes responsibility and wants to become a firefighter when he grows up to help save lives.

Briahna is a third grader at Easton Elementary School. She enjoys playing softball and drawing. Her creativity shines bright and she continues to show her artistic abilities when completing school projects. Briahna learned about the Mexican culture in Social Studies this month. She created a “Culture Box” which includes the Mexican flag (right) and an Alebrije (left) which are brightly colored Mexican folk art sculptures of fantastical creatures.

Connor is a third grader at Easton Elementary School. He enjoys legos, MineCraft and taking care of his little sister. Connor created his own business during Social Studies this month. He learned about consumers and producers. Connor created a cake business and learned about business expenses and profits. He hopes everyone will enjoys his gourmet cakes because they are tax free!