At the start of the 2018 Spring season, Ms. Ileana, High Road social worker, led a group activity with students in the High Road programs at Denton Elementary and North Caroline High school. The group activity focused on promoting random acts of kindness. Ms. Ileana introduced discussion topic of showing kindness towards others. Students brainstormed and identified real life examples of what random acts of kindness might look like in school, at home, and in the community. Following discussion, Ms. Ileana introduced “Kindness Challenge” which involved students participating in a random act of kindness towards identified staff members throughout the school. Students participated in the “Kindness Challenge” as a group and walked around the school to deliver flowers to identified staff. After completing the challenge, students discussed thoughts and feelings after the challenge. In conclusion, students acknowledged that a random act of kindness is not doing something to be rewarded or recognized, but simply to spread kindness and positive feelings.