During the month of April, the students and staff at High Road Academy of Prince George’s county celebrated National Poetry Month. Everyday during the morning announcements students were exposed to different poetic devices and challenged to use these throughout the day. The month ended with a poetry presentation entitled “Lyrics in the Living Room” in which students and staff shared poems that they were inspired to write. Below is the original poem written by Lavonte M who said he used his cousin for inspiration when writing. Lavonte also finished in 2nd place in the poetry slam.

Loyalty or royalty
I’m stating fact in this poetry
I grow up in the struggle
where we had no other choice but to hustle.
I had to go get up and get
cause wasn’t nobody else going for me.
I got tired sitting on my bottom,
so I got up and started chasing a dollar.
I never been a yes man,
I grew up to be my own man.
My mother always told me to shoot for the stars.
Is that why she as hard on me?
She didn’t want to lose her baby to the streets this year.
Jazz when I heard about y’all, I wanted to retaliate fast
I know y’all was in the streets deeper concrete life was just moving fast.
I wish that I can rewind, I wish I can go back in time.