At North Bay, they taught our students to recognize how their actions affect their futures, their community, and the environment using character development and outdoors activities.

The students attended two classes each day. One after breakfast and one after lunch. In these classes they did educational team-building activities using art, science and math, skills and knowledge. They learned how to build a fire, build their own shelter using branches and logs between two trees, how to identify animal bones, and learned many fun important facts about the environment. During the classes each student was given a journal to write and draw important facts they learned. After the classes they were asked three questions:

  • 1. How do your actions affect the future?

  • 2. How do your actions affect the community?

  • 3. How do your actions affect your environment?

In the afternoon, the students were able to face their fears by participating in the adventure elements such as zip-lining, giant swing, high ropes and rock climbing. North bay uses the term “Challenge by choice,” which means no student is ever forced to do anything he/she does not feel comfortable or safe doing. With support and encouragement from not only staff, but their peers, almost all of our students left North Bay with thrill of accepting a  new challenge.

After dinner, the students used the gym/game room to burn off energy and use their social skills during activity time. They were able to play basketball, went through an Indoor obstacle course, Frisbee, and dodge ball. They also were able to take a night hike, have a bonfire, and make s’mores.