This year Catapult Learning is a sponsor of two annual baccalaureate ceremonies for organizations that uphold a reputation of greatness. We are proud sponsors of the Black Community Organization Network’s (BCON) 40th Annual Baccalaureate Ceremony and the Hispanic Educators Association of Nevada’s (HEAN) 31st Annual Baccalaureate Ceremony.

BCON’s ceremony is held for all 2018 graduating African-American high school students in addition to their high school commencement ceremonies. BCON is comprised of African-American community volunteers from professional and community organizations. The foundation comes from pride and many celebratory traditions that are deeply rooted within the African-American Las Vegas community. Students who have reached this milestone in education will be publicly recognized for their achievements.

HEAN is a professional organization that advocates for the rights of Hispanic educators and educators of Hispanic students. This year we will be celebrating the graduation of over 1,600 Hispanic students and their success will be witnessed by over 12,000 family members and guests.

Catapult Learning congratulates the graduates of the class of 2018! Once they cross that stage with their diploma in hand, the world is their oyster. Whether the graduates decide to enter the workforce or continue their education, we wish them nothing but the best in life. Congrats, grads!