James found out about the scholarship opportunity from Ms. Scott a reading support staff member at High Road Academy. After asking him if he would be interested in applying and taking the time to meet with James to go over the different areas the scholarship covers and awards he could apply for James decided to complete the application process.

James begin to research music schools that he could attend if he won the award and after a few unsuccessful attempts to find a school that would accept him since he was still in High School he didn’t give up. James continued to look for schools that he could attend and came across Listen Visions Studios located in Washington, DC. Listen Visions provides the following services: Recording Studio, Video Production, Marketing, Broadcast, and an Academy.

With the scholarship, James will enroll in the summer of 2018 he is presently enrolled to take a pro tool class, receive studio time and was able to use part of his scholarship award towards transportation to and from the studio.

James would like to thank Ms Scott for presenting this opportunity to him and all of the staff members that completed recommendations so that his application could be complete.

Congratulations James we are very proud of you!