It is hard to believe that the end of the school year is already here! On June 5th, our classroom held a celebration to acknowledge all of the hard work and effort the students have put forth this year!  The celebration started off with an awards ceremony, in which they earned a certificate for.  The students earned the following awards:

  • Thomas: Super Smile, Amazing Attendance, Spectacular Academic Progress
  • Nicholas: Mr. Manners, Caring Citizen, Estudiante Excellente
  • Seth: Daring Dancer, Calm Cool & Collected, Amazing Athlete
  • Jayden: Contagious Laugh, Respect, Social Studies Superstar
  • Miguel: Time Keeper, Great Curiosity, Amazing Artist
  • Kavon: Team Leader, Optimism, Remarkable Reader
  • Teresa: Spunky Spirit, Fantastic Friend, Health Hero
  • Ja’Nijah: Terrifically Tidy, Cool Attitude, Math Whiz
  • Savannah:  Helping Hand, Bounce Back, and Super Scientist

After the awards ceremony, the students reflected on the year and shared what they enjoyed learning about this year, what they improved on, and what goals they set for themselves next year. A great time was had by all and it was a great way to celebrate this wonderful year!

The RISE Class made some birdseed feeders today! They all did a wonderful job!

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