We started out with 8 students of High Road Schools of Southern Maryland in the Spring of 2016, and have grown to over 40 students from High Road Schools of Laurel, Lanham, and LaPlata, Maryland. The partnership with Prince George’s Community College Workforce Development Program has been very advantageous for High Road Schools students. Students have earned certificates in Customer Service, Microsoft 1 and 2, and ServSafe.  Starting January 2018 we added classes in Computer Build and Repair, Child Care, and Culinary Arts, our students are now earning certificates in six courses. This Spring’s 2018 Workforce Development Recognition Ceremony was held at Prince George’s Community College Renni Center to accommodate the number of students that participated in the program, staff and parents. Another sign that shows that High Road Schools Workforce Development Program is growing.

The highlight of the ceremony was the student speaker, Keith Calhoun, Keith attends High Road School of Southern Maryland in LaPlata, Maryland. Keith had the opportunity to tell a most inspiring story, one that other students took to heart. Keith went on a job interview at Harris Teeter, a large chain grocery store, during his interview the conversation turned to starting hourly wage, he was originally offered $8.10. Keith brought his Customer Service certificate with him to the interview, he showed it to the Manager of which his hourly wage went up to $10.10. Keith has been working at Harris Teeter for three months now,  and his manager has increased his salary to $13.00 an hour. This student’s story is inspiring to many of our students because it shows that by staying the course and using what they’ve learned in the Workforce Development Program, it can help them make a better way for themselves.