Jarvius is a rising 12th grade student at Highroad Academy of Prince George’s County. During the 2016-17 school year he expressed an interest in having a career in landscaping after graduation because he enjoyed nature, planting and growing things. With the assistance of his school social worker Mr Malphrus, they identified a small area outside of the school and started to clear it out to prepare it for his school garden.

Jarvius said he choose this area to help make that outside of the building nice and beautiful. Since starting to explore this area Jarvius has grown the following fruits and vegetables: watermelon, sunflower seeds, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, and string beans. He was able to give some of the things away to staff and also take some items home. At home he also cuts grass and bushes for his grandmother.

He finds that landscaping and growing things helps him relax and seeing the results makes him happy and he feels accomplished. Jarvius also stated that when he returns to class after working outside he is more focused and is able to stay calm in certain situations.