Millad Nooraei, Director

Andrea Pons, Associate Director

This school year brings about a few changes. We are happy to introduce our new Director, Millad Nooraei, who recently served as our Associate Director the previous year and Ms. Andrea Pons, our new Associate Director, served as a Teacher the previous year. Both are excited to be serving the Sierra School community in the upcoming year and look forward to meeting with each of you individually! Please stop by the main office to say hello.

Graduation was a great success. It was wonderful to see all of our students moving upward and onward. Thank you to all the families who came and participated in the celebration.

This summer was a blast! Both staff and students had lots of fun with plenty of fun activities. There were water balloon fights, eating contests and exciting field trips. It was good to see all the students and families who participated.

Introducing Sierra School’s first four-legged therapy companions. Mr. Seymour and Ms. Luna are certified PTSD service animals. Both are trained to respond to symptoms of anger and anxiety. So far, our students have responded wonderfully to having them around and we are looking forward to their continued presence at Sierra School.