On September 7th, from 1:30-3:30, many families returned to the school building after dismissal. Students led their family members on tours throughout the building. Families were able to see the work students have been learning about and some even got to sit where their student’s sit. The Pet Center had many visitors. Our library hosted some delicious food and treats. As parents left the building, they encountered the Mobile Medical Van that is partnering with our school. The Mobile Medical and Dental Van which is operated through Charter Oak Health Center will be coming to our school this year to assist students in obtaining physicals, dental care, vision screening, and any other health or dental related needs.

Charter Oak Health Center states “we believe that no person should go without medical care because they cannot access a facility. Our mobile medical and dental van features state-of-the-art technology, designed to provide medical, dental, counseling and other health services to convenient places like parks and libraries throughout the city of Hartford.”. We look forward to this partnership growing and being beneficial to our students and their families. Another organization that joined us to help provide assistance to our families was Today’s Youth, LLC. Today’s Youth is a community based behavioral health agency for children, adults, and families. Today’s Youth is located in Hartford, Connecticut extending outpatient office/outpatient in-home clinical counseling.