Students at Cambridge- South Dorchester High School were involved in a hands on Tech Ed activity involving toothpicks and marshmallows! Each student was given an instruction sheet and were encouraged to produce what was pictured or make their own design! Students involved enjoyed this fun activity but how could you not when you’re able to eat marshmallows too!

The activity was to go in part of our architect class which we are supplementing for tech ed. The first two chapters were leaning about basic design, foundations, and structure. After two classes of lecture, I thought it would be a neat hands on activity to have the students build structures from toothpicks and marshmallows to show how important foundations and support hold up a house or building. With the weight changing through out the design, the students were able to see how the support and foundation are one of the most important techniques in building ( height, weight, support, and beams). The tallest tower built was 6 stories tall but all the toothpicks were tripled at the bottom showing how the student adapted to the weight to hold it up. It was a great and educational activity and of course who wouldn’t want a little marshmallow snack !