Our High School and Middle School students experienced their first field trip of the year by going to Driven Raceway! Below are photos from both trips. The students cannot wait to go back and race again.

Middle School Field Trip

Room 4 students earned a field trip to Driven Raceway. The students had to reach green and blue levels to participate in the field trip. Driven Raceway is an indoor kart racing entertainment facility. Students were able to experience firsthand European-style racing with high speed electric karts. Our students displayed positive attitudes and displayed pro-social behaviors throughout the trip.

High School Class Field Trip

The High School class earned their first field trip on Friday September 21. The class went to Driven Raceway and Taco Bell in Rohnert Park as a reward for displaying blue level behavior. Blue level behavior serves as a roll model for other students in school as well as meeting exceptional behavior inside the class. Once there they were given specific instruction on properly using and operating the go carts. They had two races that they completed consisting of 5 laps each race. They thoroughly enjoyed that experience, as you can see by the photos of them going fast below, and they want to do it again. The class then went to Taco Bell for lunch where thoroughly enjoyed some Mexican Food.