Part of the Transition Program here at High Road Academy is running our kitchen. Each student in the senior class get a chance to assist with making and distributing meals, putting shipping orders away and maintaining a proper working space. The purpose of the kitchen program is for each of our students to get some real-life experience in working both in a team and individually.

One interesting aspect which was derived from the kitchen program is the staff have developed their own language special to the High Road Kitchen. For example, one of our kitchen managers Alex said yesterday, “I need three trays for upper schools set, cart goes down in five. Six more soups left, 2 and 1, 1 in 2 and 3 in 3.” What Alex meant was: All food is delivered to the cafeteria in trays, please fill them with the appropriate food that corresponds to the calendar. We are pushing the cart full of food down to the cafeteria in five minutes. I need two soups in microwave one. One soup in microwave two and three in microwave three. We find that being able to work in a positive environment that the students have helped to create serves as an invaluable experience for students before entering the real-world work place. The kitchen program has helped students gain confidence, leadership skills and the ability to work as a well-oiled machine. All while helping out other students by preparing the free and reduced lunches for others.