We are excited to offer students at B.E.S.T. Academy and High Road School of Wallingford (High School & Primary) Psychiatric services for the 2018–19 school year.

Why did BEST Academy & High Road Schools believe providing a Psychiatric service would be beneficial to students?
We work with amazing and complicated students who deserve to experience behavioral and emotional stability, allowing them to reach their maximum academic potential. We have the benefit of being with our students for 6 hours a day, seeing them in positive moments and under duress. These moments allow us to have a rare holistic picture of our students which is vital to providing an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Our parents work incredibly hard, and the additional time and energy it takes to access a community Psychiatrist can create additional stress and behavioral difficulties for all involved. If we can provide an effective, comprehensive Psychiatric service for the family on site, we felt it would truly benefit our students and stakeholders.

Can you briefly describe the role of the psychiatrist on campus?
Currently, our Psychiatrist’s time will be used in several ways. If a family is interested in accessing this professional for classic case management and medication oversight, time is spent in an intake with the family, observation of the student, connected paperwork and collaboration. In addition, the Psychiatrist can assist in emergency evaluation of a student in crisis while on campus.

How will the psychiatrist interact and benefit the current staff at BEST Academy and High Road Schools?
The Psychiatrist will be available to collaborate with staff on generic questions such as side effects of student medications and understanding of working diagnoses. This information will be vital in ensuring our interventions and interaction styles are appropriate for each student and situation.