This month in math students have been working on representing a linear equation in five different ways. They are representing them verbally, visually, as an equation, as a table or chart, and as a graph. This corresponds to the Maryland standard F.IF.F.9, which states “Compare properties f two functions each represented in a different way. (algebraically, graphically, Numerically, in tables, or by verbal description)”. This concept is a big emphasis on Intermediate Algebra. The students were given a situation and then developed the poster based on that situation. Cory had a situation where he had a new job where he was paid $200 up front for his work and then was paid $10 for each pair of shoes that he sold. Collin had a situation where he went to the fair and it cost $20 to get in and then it cost$2 per ride that he rode. Faith was given a situation that she had a new phone plan which cost $10 a month and $0.25 per minute.They did the posters on October 16, 2018.