High Road School is dedicated to the educational and emotional needs of our students. In doing so, we recognize that our ladies often need an outlet to express themselves and socialize. In this group “SOCIAL BUTTERFLIES” we come together to do things in the community while building relationships. The goal of our group is to build friendships and dispel the notion that teenage girls can’t work through their issues. We also engage in fun activities that bring smiles and laughs! We meet twice a month and have amazing conversations. The end result is that these ladies will gain a better sense of who they are in the world and therefore treat others as they treat themselves-respectfully!

The most amazing experience was volunteering at the Maryland Food Bank. They did very well, they exhibited great team work and expressed empathy to everyone while help. This was an amazing chance to be viewed in a positive light, as well as experience the feeling of giving and serving. High Road School was featured in the Dundalk Eagle Newspaper. It was very refreshing to have a community newspaper highlight the contributions of a school that is dedicated to change.

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