Classroom 16 reviewed some of the main differences between the political parties. Students listed out some main differences between Republicans, Democrats and independents. Comments were welcome, including dissent. We folded a paper in half and put a D and an R at the top of each half. Students were instructed to place tally marks under the side of the paper that they identified with.

One student commented that most young adults do not vote. Two of our students are 18 years of age, another turns 18 in February and can’t wait to cast her first ballot. One student commented that we need to do more lessons like this one on voting because most do not understand their right to vote.

The class watched videos on exercising the history of US Voting Rights, from George Washington’s era when only white men that owned land could vote to the present, including the lowering of voting age from 21 to 18 due to the drafting of 18-year-olds during the Vietnam War; because if old enough to die for their country, they were old enough to vote.

We discovered that more people in the United States watch the Super Bowl and check their Facebook than vote? Students were given a photocopy of a sample ballot for the upcoming election.

Then students listed ideal Presidential Qualities:

  • for the people
  • morals
  • honest
  • hard working
  • respectful
  • dedicated
  • real
  • knowledgeable
  • caring
  • responsible
  • fair
  • appropriate language

Students were asked if anyone would like to run for class president. Four students were interested; Nathan W, Martin, and Samantha. They were asked to prepare a campaign speech!

On November 13th, campaign speeches were delivered by these three candidates. Each candidate vowed to work hard and help clean the campus! Samantha was elected president, Nathan W. VP and Martin Representative! Stay tuned….