Each week our students who have made sound social decisions and completed their work earn Fun Friday Activities. Recently our on-level students visited the movie theater and saw “The Grinch” 3D. We had popcorn and Icee’s in the theatre. We enjoyed the message in “The Grinch,” that sometimes previous experiences make us think those are the only experiences we can have. Sometimes you need to extend an extra concern like Cindy Lou or you may need to accept the extra concern like the Grinch eventually did.

This was some of our students’ first time seeing a 3D movie, we are so happy to give them this opportunity! After the movies we dined at Chick-Fil-A and played at the indoor playground. Students on level always look forward to Fun Friday field trips. When asked what the best part of this trip was Riveyone stated “having snacks at the movie theater was cool!” All of the students had a great time watching this Dr. Seuss classic and have even more incentive to stay on their current blue level!