Thanksgiving is a holiday best known for its’ classic and delicious food, so naturally there is always a buzz of excitement surrounding our Thanksgiving Lunch. On Monday November 20, 2018 the High Road School of PG County staff prepared and served a Thanksgiving feast to everybody in the building. The feast consisted of turkey, mashed potatoes, vegetables, macaroni and pumpkin pie, of course!

While enjoying the delicious food, all of the elementary and middle school students took time to write what they are thankful for this holiday season. Our students reflected on a lot of wonderful things to be thankful for including friends, family and food! Donnell T. wrote “I am thankful for school and my teachers,” while Ariel G. wrote “I am thankful to have a family who takes care of me.” The students who participated created a paper chain of their blessings as well as decorated a Thankful-theme bulletin board as a nice way to reflect on what they have written