Here at the Highroad School of Cecil County we support students with a broad range of classification, including those who fall on the Autism Spectrum.  Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD is a prevalent diagnosis in special education that requires educators and programs to individualize instruction to meet the unique needs of the student population.

Providing guidance and support for these students is one of the main focuses within our ASD support classroom. The classroom curriculum is based on 100% direct instruction; using hands on materials and methods everyday to specifically address students’ individual needs. Specialized curriculum programs, such as Unique Learning Systems are utilized to improve student’s social, emotional, and communicative skills.  Vocational and life skills training has been developed to teach students valuable skills which will benefit them in and out of school, as well as post graduation. In addition to vocational and curricular programming, daily activities within the autism support room include yoga, art, sensory activities and social skills.

The autism support classroom also utilizes the Bloomz app/website to aide in communication between school and parents.  With some of our students being non-verbal it is a great way for our staff to be able to share the progress and gains being made in the classroom along with student work samples, photos and upcoming events.