This year we will be hosting our Second Annual Mistletoe Market at High Road School of Hartford: High School. The Mistletoe Market is an event held in the weeks leading up to our holiday break. Staff are asked to donate new or delicately used household items, clothing, toys, small appliances, and other appropriate gift items. Items collected have ranged from coffee makers, to wall décor, to jewelry, and everything in between! Students are able to earn tickets throughout the month of December for any positive acts both academically and socially. These tickets are then used to purchase items in the Mistletoe Market. Just days before our holiday break, the Mistletoe Market is open for business! All students are able to visit the market and purchase items for their family and friends. Last year, many students buying appliances, china, and perfumes/lotions for their mothers and toys and stuffed animals for their younger siblings or cousins.

When all students have purchased their gifts, we then hold a gift-wrapping party where the students are able to wrap the gifts they purchased for their family or friends. Students expressed great appreciation for this event as it provides an affordable gift buying option with the convenience of not needing to get out to the stores during this busy time of year. Last year one student was quoted, “I felt like Santa Clause when I got off the bus!” This statement perfectly illustrates our mission in holding the Mistletoe Market as we hope to brighten our students’ and families holiday season!