Dear Parents, Guardians, and Family members,

As the year winds down, our staff want to thank everyone for such a great year!! Throughout the 2018 school year, our families have come together to celebrate in 5 students graduating, 4 students’ successful transitions to public school, and continued growth both academically and behaviorally with our current student body. In looking towards the new year, our goal is to remain laser focused on raising academic rigor, and to support the emotional/ mental health needs of all of our students and families. With all of the changes throughout the past year, I feel that our team is now stronger than ever and wanted to inform everyone of updates and changes that are coming down the pike in the New Year. Please take time to read through these updates and reflect accordingly. If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to call the school or write administration at: [email protected].

The following updates/ changes starting in January 2019 are as follows:

  1. Starting in January, all students will be required to remove their jackets, and hoodies upon entry to school, to avoid sleeping and off task behaviors throughout the day. If students happen to forget about this policy, school sweatshirts (non-hooded) will be provided as an alternative. Unfortunately, when our students struggle in their academics, we see a rise in introverted behaviors that present in pulling hoods over their heads and shutting out instruction and outside noise.  We aim to keep all students attentive throughout the day and do understand that emotions can spike during this time of year. We ask for all guardian support in this matter, with the hopes that instruction can continue to progress as naturally as possible going forward.
  2. For this academic year, our school has incorporated the “Call-Em-All” system, to ensure that all of our parents and district members can receive updates, and school emergency information immediately. This system enables our administration to relay event information, updates, and all emergency closings/ occurrences in both text and audio form. We ask that you call over to the school when you can to check on current contact information, this will ensure that all contact information is current and up to date. Please remember to always update the school whenever there is a change in contact information.
  3. Updated Catapult Learning website: This year our homepage on our Catapult Learning website has been updated to reflect all of the hard work our students are doing on a consistent basis. Please take time to see all of the great things your children are accomplishing!!)
  4. Monthly summative assessments across all core subjects (English, Math, Social Studies and Science) are being utilized in all of our classrooms to help focus instruction and hone in on the Common Core Curriculum. Please make sure to contact your child’s teachers to find out more about what the topics focus around for each month so that we can work collectively to hit on each topic.

All of us at High Road School thank everyone for all of their hard work and commitment to our student’s success. Wishing all families, and friends the best end to the 2018 school year, and all of the best success, gains, and good fortune into the New Year ahead. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of these updates, please don’t hesitate to call the school. If we happen to miss anyone at our Holiday Brunch on 12/19 starting at 9:30am, we wish you all the very best Holiday Season, and will see you in the New Year!!


Louis Guertin
Director of Education
High Road School of Delaware County (Upper & Lower)