Small group instruction and hands on learning are what help students in the High Road Classroom gain knowledge and have fun.

Students were broken up into two groups during Science class. The students in one group were encouraged to participate in finding hidden gems stones embedded in a larger rock. Students utilized various tools that aided in their discovery of gems and composite materials. Just like archaeologists students had to carefully dig and mine their way through to find gems.

Students in group B have been studying the effects of tectonic plates and their involvement in the eruption of volcanoes. Students studied the continental drift patterns that changes the tides and also the ocean floor level. When these tectonic plates shift it causes either a canyon or a mountain on the ocean floor. When a mountain is caused it forms a volcano; the magma from the center of the Earth then rises up and the Volcano erupts. The visual model of the underwater volcano help guided students on understanding volcanoes.

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