Bikes for Kids is a non-profit organization that has distributed 21,989 quality, safe bikes and or new helmets to children in need.

High Road High of Hartford’s Transition program was invited to visit their facility which they call their “Wheelhouse” in Essex, CT in early December.  Our Transition Coordinator Mr. Gutierrez runs a program here at the Hartford HR that takes donated bikes, repairs them with the students and donates them to our students.  Two of our students from Mrs. Mama’s class were able to see how the bikes were chosen for repair, cataloged, stored, fixed and distributed.  In the time we were there, they were able to assist the Bikes for Kids employees. On the day we toured, Bikes for Kids volunteers were loading about seventy five bikes that were going south for donation. Without hesitation, our jumped on to the truck and helped the Bikes for Kids volunteers.

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