Students from High Road Academy and High Road Upper Schools took part in an introduction of the inner workings of a computer. The class lasted for a month, students took apart computers put them back together and learned how each part of the computer works. Some of our students want to pursue a career in Computer Science, and they were given the opportunity in the class to show what they already know and what they learned. One student in particular, Karuan Johnson, got the opportunity to assist the instructor, Mr. Hall, with how to create and change the background on the computer. Karuan went through the steps for the other students to follow and received kudos from the students and staff. Throughout the class students worked hard and helped one another, which provided a “team work” atmosphere.

The Workforce Development Program at High Road Schools of Southern Maryland are committed to closing the employment gap of young people, we want to provide as many opportunities for our students to gain necessary job skills in this age of technology so that when they graduate they will be more prepared to transition to the next phase of their young lives. The Computer Repair and Build Class helped to provide that opportunity.