Lead teacher, Ms. Jill, and Teacher Assistant, Ms. Mandy, are two of our veteran staff who work in the High Road program at Denton Elementary School. Some of the many benefits of being veteran staff is having the opportunity to see former students progress to higher grade levels and become involved in school activities that are not available in elementary schools such school organizations, clubs, and sports. Two of Ms. Jill and Ms. Mandy’s former DES students are Isaiah (8th grade) and Trenten (6th grade) who are both part of the LMS Wildcats Basketball team this year. Ms. Jill and Ms. Mandy came out to support their former students for the boys’ 2nd home game of the season. Isaiah and Trenten were surprised and happy to see their former teachers coming out to support them as they take on new endeavors! Our team is appreciative of having staff that truly value standing for student success and supporting current and former students!

Isaiah – Jersey #1

Ma’lik – Jersey #3

Trenten – Jersey #15

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