It is important to note each school year that the holiday season and winter break transition period can often bring out a range of emotions and feelings with students. In preparation before the winter break, several holiday and seasonal tasks were built into academics and group activities across our programs. On the day before winter break (12/21/18) students at LMS engaged in a holiday BINGO activity where students worked on a variety of skills together. After the first BINGO round with staff leading the game, students interested in practicing leadership skills were given the opportunity lead a round of BINGO for the class. Cultivating student leadership opportunities when possible is a critical part of strengthening students’ self-efficacy and self-esteem. For this activity, Isaiah (8th grade) was the first and only student in the class who took on the BINGO student leadership role. Isaiah is on day 25 blue and has been making significant strides in increasing his motivation to be successful. Isaiah did an amazing job showing notable leadership skills before the break. Staff was proud to see the benefits of Isaiah’s leadership skills rise to a new level!

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