Happy New Year to all! Returning from winter break, the students at Snow Hill Middle have rejuvenated energy, positive spirits, and the same goal in mind, to achieve! We are also excited about the addition of our newest peer, Aiden.

Aiden is a 5th grader who started in our classroom this month, and is happy about joining the High Road program. Speaking with Aiden about his first couple of weeks with us, he is very optimistic about working towards his goals of learning good strategies and coping skills to help him deal with big emotions. When asked how things are going so far, he said, “I like it a lot. It’s fun and I like everybody here. I hope to get good grades and go to Jolly Rogers at the end of the year”. We are thrilled that Aiden already has a big goal in mind. The students at Snow Hill earn “Eagle Cash” for positive behaviors and can use this to purchase small prizes, or save up for big things like the end of the year trip to Jolly Rogers amusement park. We know Aiden will work hard at earning this trip, and we will support him all the way. Welcome to High Road!”

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