The Great Kindness Challenge 2019 is quickly approaching! The leadership team has been working to solidify the plans for the week, and we wanted to share some important updates and details regarding what the event will look like here at Main Street School. As a reminder, The Great Kindness Challenge will take place the week of January 28-February 1.

Below is a break down of what the week will look like:

– Each student should receive a Great Kindness Challenge checklist. Students will use this throughout the week to challenge themselves to complete the acts of kindness listed. All students who complete their checklist at the end of the week will be entered into a drawing to win a Kindness Challenge t-shirt. There will be separate drawings with 1 winner each for Phoenix elementary, Phoenix secondary, LSACE and Sierra School.

– Throughout the week, staff will hand out special pink “Kindness Bucks” to students when they witness them completing acts of kindness, it can be any act of kindness no matter how big or small). These “Kindness Bucks” may be used in their classroom school stores just like normal RISE bucks. The school as a whole will have a building-wide goal (TBD) for how many of these Kindness Bucks we are shooting to receive, and if we meet that goal, all students will be rewarded with an ice cream sundae party and a movie in our beautiful new auditorium.

– Lee will work with students during PE classes the week before the Kindness Challenge to decorate our fence like we did last year (see picture below) as a means to share with the community the awesome kindness going on behind these walls.