In the mist of the Winter season, students in High Road at Denton Elementary School completed a coping skills snowman project with the program Social Worker, Ms. Ileana. The snowman project began with defining coping skills as “strategies we use to help us calm down when we experience strong feelings.” Ms. Ileana and students reviewed strong feelings and discussed reasons why we may need to use a coping skill. An analogy was used with the snowman when discussing how one of the most important strategies is having people who can help us when we experience strong feelings. Ms. Ileana talked about how the bottom ball of the snowman is important for supporting the snowman, just like it is important to have people to support us in real life. Additionally, this activity incorporated the importance of self-esteem. Ms. Ileana emphasized that when we feel good about ourselves, it is easier to choose a coping skill to help us calm down. These topics were explored through cut-and-paste coping skill snowballs, coloring, and identifying students’ strengths and supports. Students enjoyed being creative when assembling and personalizing their snowman. The snowman posters are displayed in the classroom where they can be reminded daily of their coping skills, supports, and their strengths!

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