Our Social Worker, Ms. Ileana, and students engaged in a “2019 resolutions” activity when school re-opened from the holiday break. Ms. Ileana and students discussed goals and resolutions while completing the “craftivity” piece as a way to set some of their individual goals for the year. Students identified “2 new things I want to try, something I want to stop doing, 1 way I will ‘pay it forward’, and 9 phrases to keep a positive mindset”. Dylan is a 12th grade student in the High Road program at North Caroline High School who identified positive mindset phrases such as “I am in control of my life” and “I am enough”. Dylan was enthusiastic about coming up with goals and positive mindset phrases that will help him reach his goals in 2019. One of Dylan’s goals he came up with is to “stop cussing people out”. Since joining High Road, Dylan has made great progress in his abilities to independently identify goals for himself and the areas he’d like to see himself improve in.

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