A team of High Road School staff came together at Hartford Primary to install our new Sensory Path! After cleaning, planning, sticking down a lot of floor decals, and waiting for a coat of wax to dry, our path was ready to be unveiled.

A student from Ms. Hartwich’s class, Khalil, readily volunteered to show other students how to use the Sensory Path after he received guidance from our Occupational Therapist, Ms. Megan Mele and his teacher.

According to the Sensory Path, what makes it unique is the research behind what they have formulated. As a Special Education Teacher, Holly Clay, the developer of The Sensory Path, served a large percentage of students with Autism. She noticed when a child started losing cognitive functioning during the learning process it helped to give the child some sensory input. She began studying which series of movements seemed to offer the child the necessary proprioceptive and vestibular input so the child could refocus and attend which ultimately increased cognition and retention of new information. She saw a huge reduction of sensory seeking behaviors and an increase in cognitive functioning. The Sensory Path has been identified as helping students with Autism, Sensory needs, ADD/ADHD and many other students who benefit from the specific movements designed in the path.

So far, students are greatly enjoying the path! Khalil likes that he has to complete a “bunch of different activities” and then is able to get right back to work and being a successful student.

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