The entire Solano campus gathered as individuals competed for a chance to win bragging rights as well as a $5 gift card for building the best container to protect an “egg” from breaking when dropped from 15 feet.

  1. Parrish Alfred used 2 rolls of crepe paper to create a cup that the egg fit snuggly in, taped it completely up, put it in a cube shaped box of tissue, stuffed tissue on top, wrapped the entire box in bubble wrap, put it in a plastic bag with more bubble wrap & dropped it! It did not crack, way to Go Parrish!
  2. Jenine Salma chose to suspend her egg inside a jar of peanut butter covered the egg with a Styrofoam cup, filled any empty spaces with cut up styrofoam, and screwed the lid back on, wrapped the jar in 3 plastic bags and dropped it. It also did not crack! Kudos to Jenine for her tasty invention!

Both Students won a $5 gift card!

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