In High School 1, in Language Arts, we have been learning about the 2011 Egyptian Revolution that centered on Cairo. We have been analyzing the text, incorporating usage of citing the text, figurative language and making inferences. During Math we have covered word problems of a varying degree covering angles, substitution/solutions.

In Economics we have covered the principles of scarcity, and how that leads to three important questions. Those questions are as follows: What will be produced? How will it be produced? For whom will it be produced? We also touched on the four factors of production: Labor, Land, Entrepreneurship, and Capital. The students are doing a great job and working very hard!

In Chemistry class we have been learning about elements their respective atomic number along with atomic mass unit, electrons, protons, neutrons, and how this all correlates to the electron shell. We have looked into subatomic particles, isotopes. Finally we addressed basic ideas of Quantum Theory and how the knowledge of the atom has led to an understanding of how the millions of different substances that exist in the universe are formed. The students are showing excellent focus and study skills!

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