Aurora Day School and our sister campus, Sierra Academy, had the privilege of hearing a performance by representatives of the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra. The string ensemble not only played a variety of pieces, but they also taught the students different parameters of music including tempo, articulation, and dynamics. Some lucky students even had an opportunity to try conducting the chamber group! Following the performance, students from the High School 2 classroom were able to expand on the event by relating it to the concepts they have discussed in their Music Appreciation course. An enjoyable time was had by all, and we now have more students interested in more genres of music.

Our Phoenix Symphony Partner’s hosted another concert on our campus this month. The Phoenix Symphony has been performing at our school for the past 4 to 5 years and our students loved the performance. The string ensemble performed this year, and let students engage in conducting the ensemble and helped teach the audience about classical music. We are able to host the Phoenix Symphony due to their classroom concerts program. Through Classroom Concerts, ensembles tour to area schools with engaging educational concerts. As the Symphony’s most in-demand program, performances are highly interactive allowing musicians, students and teachers to connect through music.

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