To celebrate the start of Black History Month, High Road students at North Caroline High participated in an activity where they learned interesting facts about some of the most well-known African American historical figures. A big focus was on the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. and his movement. In this activity, students were encouraged to think about problems in today’s world and apply their thinking to be like MLK.

The activity emphasized how MLK believed that all people should be judged on their character and the way they lived their lives, not on the color of their skin. Students identified the importance of setting goals for the future; just like MLK. They talked about what their dreams are for their future as they brainstormed solutions and their dreams for our world! Each participant stated their own dream or goal on a “dream cloud” and talked about how they can achieve them. Completed dream clouds were set up for display on a new classroom bulletin board. The board displays an inspiring Walt Disney quote; “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

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