Kent Alternative Program had a very special guest come visit us this week. He came with a little letter and a mission to get to know the whole Team at KAP – so we took him around the building, went on a nice walk to a local park and even completed the 1 mile track loop with him as part of our gym class. He was also able to sit in on a Spanish and now can say “Hola”. I began to tell our guest about the other AMAZING programs on the Eastern Shore and he is so excited to see them for him self.

To make travel a little easier we have “Flat Packed” him to arrive at his destination quicker ? Our guest will travel around all the In-District Programs across the Eastern Shore at get to know our whole team. Keep a look out to see where Flat Elliott has been.

So when our guest comes to visit you show him around our class and include him on lots of fun things and then send him off to the next school.

Where will our guest go next???? Remember to pass him on or he will “phone home to Ms. Bec”