Students in High Road at LMS participated in an activity making “stress putty” with Ms. Ileana (High Road Social Worker). In this activity, students practiced coping skills, following directions, and identifying feelings. Ms. Ileana and students discussed how the stress putty could be utilized to help manage stressors by engaging mindfulness techniques such as practicing grounding with our senses. Ms. Ileana emphasized our stress putty can be utilized to help us be more mindful by identifying something they can smell, touch, and see when experiencing stressors. With the simple recipe used, 2 parts corn starch and 1 part hair conditioner, students were able to select their favorite scent for their personal stress putty from a variety of scent options. Each student chose the scent that gave them calm and happy feelings. For example, some students used the scent that reminded them of the beach to use in their stress putty. Although the process was new to some students and a bit messy, students were successful in making stress putty and enjoyed practicing a new coping strategy!

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