On February 21, 2019, FCS Peak Academy (Hapeville) hosted our first annual Career Day. Our students had the opportunity to hear from seven phenomenal individuals whose career paths include police officer, cosmetologist, accountant, music sound and engineer, fire fighter, a Delta airline market manager as well as cyber security analyst. The students at FCS Peak Academy thoroughly enjoyed our panelists, as they were able to ask and receive answers to their questions as they were related to their future careers. As staff, we witnessed our students apply our norms while sitting before our guests. For an hour and a half our students sat up straight in their seats and followed the instructions of the staff all while showing respect. This was our first year putting together a career day but surely, it will not be our last.

Justin Carpenter – Tax Accountant
Taylor Crenshaw – Delta Vacation Marketing
Jared Stephens – Firefighter
Walter Clark – Atlanta Police Department
Abril Elon – Hair/Entrepreneur
Raven Strode – Cyber Security
Joey Scarver – Music Engineer