Recently, the High Road Upper School of Prince George’s County, MD held an extravagant Talent Show. Considering the Black History Month backdrop, the show had an Afrocentric-attired theme. HRUS students showcased their talents in front of staff, parents, as well as classmates in attendance. To participate, students had to maintain a “Blue” functional level; so it was no small feat to see so many of our students qualify for this extra-curricular event.

Students sang, danced, performed spoken word, and one of our sophomores even presented a young lady with a rose, teddy bear, and chocolates for the Valentine’s Day occasion. Overall, the afternoon was a tremendous success and all parents in attendance expressed their delight with the presentation.

Key performers included:

  • Craig W.
  • De’Asia W.
  • Joshua T.
  • Jeffrey T.
  • Kayla H.
  • J’Quan J.
  • Trinitti R.
  • Western J.
  • JJ M. who graced the audience with his best Michael Jackson impersonation.

It looks like we just created a new HRUS Tradition. Can’t wait until next year!