Ms. Ileana and students at DES engaged in a lighthearted and fun exercise where they discussed dreams and ambitions. It is important to stress that most people have dreams and ambitions, especially when discussing them with younger students. Ms. Ileana emphasized how aspirations can be good if they help us make an effort to use our potential to succeed. Students worked with Ms. Ileana and were asked to identify a particular ambition or dream in an occupational context and further helped them gain insight on identifying achievable and realistic dreams. Ms. Ileana worked with students to brainstorm reasons for having their dream, qualifications they would need to achieve their dream, personal qualities and any particular skills would need. Without knocking students’ dreams; students processed the differences between appropriate ambition and unrealistic fantasy. Throughout the activity, students were able to realize some aspects of their dreams that may be easy or challenging. Upon completion of the exercise, Ms. Ileana asked students to pose for a photo op that shows them “thinking about my dream”. Students’ “thinking about my dream” poses contributed to a personalized classroom bulletin board display that reminds students to “Follow Your Dreams”.

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