On Thursday March 7, 2019, High Road School of Delaware seized the opportunity to represent our school at the P3 Summit. Student Logan Marvin volunteered to speak on behalf of our programs and the work we do.

The P3 Summit is a program hosted by Mrs. Bernadette Mills and Dr. David Mills at their church in New Castle. The event brought together over 20 youth advocacy agencies and their supporters to discuss their individual programs. Through out the day, programs exchanged information and spoke about how we can all work together more effectively to help our youth and their families. Logan stole hearts and shined in this opportunity to act as our High Road School of Delaware student ambassador. Logan took his role seriously as he wore a suit and tie and was clothed in complete enthusiasm. Logan seized the opportunity to not only ask and answer questions but to speak on the program’s structure from a students’ perspective and how High Road has helped him personally.

Ms. Kay-Dean fondly recaps; “Logan captivated everyone with his engagement and knowledge. He truly worked the room and engaged in conversation almost effortlessly. It was such an honor to have him there and to watch him prove that our model truly does work.”

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