“We celebrated Black History month by discovering hair and skin products made in Africa like Shea Butter, Cantu Hair Products and Carole & Daughter. We found we didn’t have to be African American to benefit from these products, they worked on all kinds of skin & hair with positive results! Mr. Kinard used two students to showcase products and taught us to braid hair.

In addition to learning about African products our class project connected us to the history of Black hair care like braiding and colorful coverings; and learned that maps were braided into slave hair patterns that helped slaves escape to freedom.

Individual projects and presentations were also selected, they ranged from Harriet Tubman to Jimi Hendrix and Michael Jordan.

We will celebrate PI Day, in March on 3.14, after we review how to compute area and perimeter of shapes. Students will first work in groups to estimate the area of a circle (circumference) using string, pipe cleaners, tape, rulers, etc. Then we will discover Pi= 3.141592653 ad infinitum and compute circumference using the mathematical equation: π r2

The week long lesson will culminate with the consumption of
PIE, apple and raspberry!!!

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