During math and reading, our students are actively working on the i-Ready computer program during their computer rotations. i-Ready provides an interactive online learning environment that assesses each student and provides individualized instruction based on their specific needs.

Recently, we have given our students a challenge to increase their time on task, which ultimately assists them making academic growth. When they reach at least 15 minutes on task for math and 15 minutes on task for reading, they have received an entry into our weekly prize drawing. Besides earning bragging rights, our students who earn the most time time on task for the day also get an entry into a separate raffle with even bigger prizes and rewards! The more days a student is on task, the more entries they receive!

To assist our students in monitoring how they are doing in the challenge, we have a “scoreboard” posted of the top times on task! The challenge has really motivated our students to remain engaged in learning and has helped them increase the percentage of lessons they pass! In the last couple weeks alone, our students as a whole have increased their time on task by 70%!! Great work guys!

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