Our students at CSD took part in an interactive lesson to see how a Bill becomes a Law by doing the process hands on. With an info-graphic as a guide students and staff each played a part in the 5 step process which allowed everyone to have an input and keep the lesson changing. Ethan and Amber proposed the Bill after taking sometime together to create ideas of what they wanted to become a law. Eventually coming up with “The Home and Health Care Act for the Homeless” aka Triple H. This law would provide more shelters for the homeless as well as provide medical care for the homeless through medical programs at the shelters. After introducing the bill to student Senator Steven, the Bill went to the Committee and Congress for debate and revisions of the Bill before it was introduced to the President Mr. James for the final approval or veto. Overall everyone had a great time and learned the process. It was great seeing the teamwork , passion, and respect shown from all students and staff when undergoing the debate. And yes the President did PASS the Bill and it became a Law.

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