This week’s theme for Fun Friday was solar systems! Throughout the entirety of the week students learned different facts about the solar system. Green Holly High Road teacher, Ms. Howard, lead a lesson about the Universe and what’s inside. She discussed how small our solar system is in the Milky Way and asked students to try and find our solar system. Students were given journals to learn about the solar system and to create their own solar systems. This journal lead into the week long activity of creating their own solar systems. Students were asked to bring in shoe boxes the week before so they could start creating their own personal solar systems.

On Wednesday, our SHINING STAR students painted the inside of their shoe boxes to look like their own idea of galaxies and stars. Many chose to use neon and glow in the dark paints. For Thursday, students created their own planet. To create their planets, students had to write short sentences about what kind of life would be on their planets, if any at all. For Fun Friday, students added the finishing touches like craters and meteors, some even added little pictures of aliens.

The entire High Road classroom had a great time and were able to take home their solar systems. Their solar systems were OUT OF THIS WORLD! We would have gone to space, but the cost was ASTRONOMICAL!

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