Happy birthday Dr. Seuss! To celebrate Reading across America week, the High Road Green Holly classroom celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday. To start their day, students were asked to write a quick journal about the book that the class read. One prompt was; what would you do if the Lorax gave you his last truffala seed? Ja’Nijah, a 4th grader in the High Road classroom, wrote this:

If the Lorax gave me a tree seed I will feel happy. Then I can grow some pink trees because they are pretty and soft. They would grow pink fruit.

Through the week Ms. Howard, the High Road teacher, read a book from Dr. Seuss and the teaching assistants, Ms. Stewart and Ms. Patterson did a small activity with the students! Some activities consisted of making Oobleck from the Dr. Seuss story, Bartholomew and the Ooblek.

We ended our week watching the Lorax and enjoying goodies that represented the books that we read through the week, such as; green eggs and ham, Lorax cookies, and 1 fish-2 fish-red fish-blue fish Jell-O cups! What a Fun Friday to wrap up celebrating Dr. Seuss’ incredible legacy!

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